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    10 Benefits of ITOR SOFTWARE PVT LTD  LEDs

    A Complete Management Solution

    C-Pro is a startup management platform specially developed by us for enhancing the performance of startups. In this digital age of business everyone wants to start their own business with various technologies, services & product.

    In our country every year more than 2 million startups are created and out of which only 2 to 7% startups succeed in maintaining their growth and reputation in the market. There are a lot of reasons because of which these startups fail.

    By researching on every hurdle which comes between the success of a startup we have focused on all the possibilities which can run, grow & manage a startup to make it successful in a very effective and efficient way.

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    Garnet Plus 6W Spotlight (White Finish) Garnet Plus 6W Spotlight (White Finish)
    Garnet 16W White Round LED Downlight Garnet 16W White Round LED Downlight


    From the last decade we all know the performance of digital business in market. Many large companies are selling their products and services online with the help of several applications and websites.

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    Web Application

    When it was decided that computers are going to become the future of every business and household then development of programs started everywhere in the IT sector.

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    about COMPANY

    ITOR is a leading start up that is providing high quality IT services to its clients. We are providing best software ,websites ,and online marketing services from more than 5years.

    • Our start up is continuously working on both domestic and international projects with clients of countries like USA, UK, CHINA, JAPAN etc.
    • IT is our passion and designing is what we love to do. And when both combines it creates the most attractive and powerful version of technology.
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    Other Case Studies

    Digital Marketing

    Advertise Where You Grow

    This is the universal truth that starting a new business is a very easy task but the difficulty is its survival and growth in the market.Customer is the king of the market because without customer market is like a balloon without air .

    In traditional market it was a very difficult task to create customers but from few decades digital marketing has created an infinite hope for every business

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    Itor Consulting

    Lets Change The Game Together

    We believe that if someone wants to grow than they have to help another person to grow as well. So , by following this general rule of success we are providing better consultancy services to every type of business.

    Any small or big business can approach us easily to consult their problems or hurdles in the business with us.

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    B P O

    You and we ! can grow the tree.

    The whole universe knows that unity is power. Even the right heat on water can create clouds of rain. So we are always ready to collaborate with other businesses of IT sector to create something which can make human life more fluent.

    A collaboration is very amazing process where 2 parties enjoy working with each other by fulfilling the requirement of each other.

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    Inspiration Gallery

    Light and shadow play an important role in crating drama or mood in a space.